Nagual Uchu and Tadeja Škorja – Urban shamanism seminar


Shamanism may be the earliest spiritual practice known to mankind. It continues to be practiced throughout the world up to present day. It shows us that everything in existence is alive and possesses a soul. We are part of Mother Nature, not standing over and above it.Throughout the great web of existence we are linked to all living things on all levels: Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, and Physically.

Shamanism is perfect for skeptics! It is 100% experiential! It does not ask anyone nor to believe any of its teachings blindly nor to take anything on faith. Your individual, first-hand experience will guide you. No dogmas and no need for spiritual middlemen. Shamanism is a practical-effects centered Spiritual discipline. Shamanism is not a Religion or Philosophy. It is a personal spiritual process grounded in direct connection with the Great Spirit. You will find no intermediaries standing between the helping spirits of Nature and every one of us. We all can choose to access the healing, guidance and wisdom of All-That-Is through shamanic practices applied to modern life.

Uchu and Tadeja will lead the participants in a series of experiential exercises:

-Meeting your Power Animal and working with your Totem Animal

-How to enhance and train your Awareness

-Shamanic Journeys / experiencing multi-dimensional realities

-Soul retrieval / restoring personal power and balance

-Dreams and Lucid Dreaming

-Seeing energy and auras

-Vision quest

-Sacred teachings of the Medicine Wheel

-Ceremonies / stopping the world

-Shamanic drumming and Trance dance / gateway to ecstasy


Nagual Uchu learned and practiced shamanism in Mexico, Peru and Brazil. He was once part of Carlos Castaneda’s circle and he worked closely with Merilyn Tunneshende (the Nagual Woman from Don Juan’s circle). He spent years travelling all around the world gaining rich experience in working with energies.He combined and integrated ancient knowledge and techniques into Urban-Modern

Shamanism which is applicable in 21st century in our everyday lives. In the last 2 decades Uchu has been teaching and coaching ancient shamanic techniques adapted to modern life all over the world. He is currently teaching in Slovenia.

 Tadeja Škorja: A gifted dreamer from childhood on she discovered whole new worlds in dreaming realities through shamanic ceremonies when she formed a friendship with Nagual Uchu and started training with him. They have been working together for the past 2 years, organizing seminars and workshops in Slovenia.

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