Nataša Kern – Be present and celebrate your magnificant Self as you are – allready NOW

Nataša Kern (Slovenia) – Biodanza – Be present and celebrate your magnificant Self as you are – allready NOW

In our lives, we are led by an inner, all-encompassing program, with which we turn in the direction of more life. What does that mean? There is a special program in our life that we inherited from the time of the creation of the universe. This same force creates an environment in which life can be expressed through the “integration process.” New material is emerging, new stars and other cosmic bodies, and then various types of life forms, including human.

With biodanza, we create an environment of “experiences and impulses” that enable our lives to become more CONNECTED and more EXPRESSED. The purpose of biodanza is to improve the physical and psychic STABILITY of an individual – IN LIFE, which is in constant alteration. In a deeper way, we reconnect with ourselves, our fellow humans and our lives around us. Biodanza is a practical system of movement and non-verbal communication that enables direct access to our depths and real existence in HERE and now.

With a six-day biodanza program, we will deepen our contact with the presence, accelerate the “process of integration” and recognize our magnificence. The “program for life” can expose matters that are against our life and with great force leads us into a brave life, full of healthy research already at this moment. So we do not always wait for the right moment to happen. We are already here – right now.

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Nataša Kern, teacher and didactic teacher of biodanza (Slovenia), coordinator of the School of biodanza in Slovenia. She has been running regular weekly groups, weekend workshops … since 2005.