Nataša Tovirac/Siri Amrit Kaur – Shakti Dance® Yoga Dance / Awakening the Creative Fire

Nataša Tovirac/Siri Amrit Kaur (Slovenia) – Shakti Dance® Yoga Dance / Awakening the Creative Fire

In Esence, Shakti Dance® is a practice that through the dance cultivates the free, organic and creative expression of our Being.Passion and dance are the burning pair of every soul. A fire of life and vitality, which, with the tenderness and grace of the water element, bounces the manwith the feeling of its inner true beauty, it is the balance that we feel in the balance of the tide and the tangle of our emotions through dance. EXPRESSION OF FREEDOM.

Thus, with the power of a loving part, we can compassionately pour themselves in with all, without fear. At that time, the natural Shakti stream flows through our dancing and loving dance.From the depths of the calm sea to the dynamic wave of passion. From the experimental, sometimes wild dance as “LET GO, LET FLOW” we travel consciously into the gentle dance of grace, and the shelter of our bay even in our lives.Creating through dance is for the Soul as the water for the Flower. Shakti Dance is thath sweet flow in the body that is expressed in dance, magical tool that liberate the body, mind and soul from blocks, while synchronized with the vibration of the Universe. It restores power, confidence, love, and brings back the feeling of joy when we allow ourselfto Be who we are. Nothing connects us with divine more than creativity itself – the universe wants us to dance joyful through life in his lap.  But sometimes we need the courage, a fire of courage, to make the first steps. Let’s awake thath power of creative source!Tuning, stretching, dance steps, conscious breath and movement, rhythm, laughter and play, relaxed dance and silence, diving into deep streams with meditation, selfhealing and tuning in with one’s own body in fusion with guidance to complete relaxation … there is another beautiful SHAKTI journey waiting for us.

If Shakti Dance is the first experience for you or you are already quite entangled with it, it does not matter, the workshop is for anyone who feels the call. Welcome!