Nevenka Šolajić-Božičević, PhD, doc. of med. Sc. – Overcome your own gene

solajicWake your inexhaustible inner power of self-healing In the introductory part of the week-long workshop, I remind you that our body is not just a physical body, it is a physical and psychological, and a spiritual entity. Because of that, I always say to people, let the first physical body is cleaned of all toxins, let the mind shall be relieved of any types of garbage and waste thoughts, let the soul be free from all addictions, attachments, idealization of fake ego, because this is the only way you can reach your source. When you are in the center, there is no more ego, and the very source of your existence begins to function. Then you’re just a conduit, and cosmos begins to flow through you and it gives you as much energy as is required to healed all their cells and tissues. When you succeed to achieve the emptiness of mind, you begin to open your heart center from where it flows a great energy. I like to say it happens cosmic love – and then you can’t be sick.

My own method of self-healing takes you right into that state. I don’t treat you, but your true “Ego”, this small quantum of cosmic consciousness, which carries all the knowledge, wisdom and power of the universe, as well as the healing power and strength. For me is the most important to help people through these techniques, this is a lighter and faster way of elevating from 3rd to 4th dimension or even 5th dimension of awareness when it breaks the cycle of birth and death.


1. Integral method of self-healing (N. Šolajić, PhD)
2. Techniques of RatuBagus -Spiritual teacher – healer
3. Exercises communication – quantum shift of consciousness


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Nevenka Šolajić-Božičević, PhD, is the doctor of medical sciences, holistic therapist and cosmobiologist. All her working life she has worked as a researcher and teacher at the Institute for Public Health “Dr. Andrija Štampar”, at University of applied health studies Zagreb and at School of Medicine University of Zagreb. She has gained a doctorate of Medical Science in the field of pharmacy and she has announced a number of specialized and scientific papers. About 20 years ago she has begun to learn cosmobiology using the method of Reinhold Ebertin, PhD, and then through her own research of cosmobiology she has revealed new unimagined possibilities of early detection and treatment of many diseases, that, in most cases, have the cause in the unconscious.
She attend the School of Spiritual Self-development. On this path she meets a number of great teachers from whom she gets valuable knowledge. She has founded the Association for the promotion of holistic human health in Zagreb.