Nicola Poinelli (Italy) – The Bravery of Being What We Are – Identity, Self-esteem and Self-confidence

Nicola Poinelli (Italy) The Bravery of Being What We Are – Identity, Self-esteem and Self-confidence


“Forget books, traditions, authority, and take the path of discovering yourself.” (Jiddu Krishnamurti)

Each of us is different and unique. The greatest success of an individual is to achieve himself. Achievement is not achieved by adopting a winning model that forces us to live the lives of others, but by expressing our true essence. This means seeing oneself and accepting oneself with benevolence and without judgment.

Our culture does not support us in this research but pushes us more and more towards homologation, how often do we adapt and please others worried about judgment and imprisoned in social roles?

Biodanza stimulates the expression of our talents and potential that are hidden in every part of us.

We are not our limits; limits are only bad uses of our talents.

To evolve the quality of our life and relationships, we need an approach based on really being there, on being there authentically. It is about speaking with an open heart, looking into one’s eyes, courageously, genuinely opening up, sharing what one feels, more than what one thinks.

This is what the path to authenticity is all about: living the relationship with oneself and with others by being fully there, beyond any role.

Biodanza is a system of integration and development of human potentials through movement, music and meeting situations.  Body-mind integration allows to recover the relationship between three dimensions: body acting, body feeling and body feeling. This allows to increase the ability to listen and perceive, also thanks to the support of an environment where there is no judgment or demand for performance. These factors bring out our hidden, inhibited, unexpressed impulses, thus enriching our ability to develop an authentic creative process, or our life force.

“Our time is limited, so we must not waste it living the life of someone else. Let us not be trapped by dogmas, which means living by following the results of other people’s thoughts. Let’s not let the noise of other people’s opinions cloud our inner voice. And most importantly, we must have the courage to follow our heart and intuition. Somehow, they know what we really want to become. Everything else is secondary.” (Steve Jobs)

Nicola Poinelli. Didatta, operator of Biodanza SRT. I trained at the School of Biodanza in Bologna, with which I currently collaborate. I have been running weekly courses and seminars for adults for years.

Over time I have continuously cultivated my passion and enriched my training by achieving the following specializations:

“Identity and the four elements” – “The tree of desires” – “Voice, music and percussion” – “Biodanza and redemption of masculinity and deep femininity – “The path of the Hero” – “The word in Biodanza” – “The sequential dances” – “The generating positions”.