Nina Vanita Hočevar – Create your own vision with NLP

12This is the possibility to create the life that you want. You will be supported to discover your own unique path and create your own vision. This is the possibility to look behind your own thoughts, beliefs and fears that makes you smaller from who you really are. Step by step I will guide you through process to discover what your heart wants and we’ll bring all of this to create a real life vision. YOU OWN VISION. Creating from heart and bringing it on Earth.
Advanced techniques of recycling limiting beliefs and creating your own strategies of success will be applied in this workshop. The ulimate goal is to create your own path for the future. You will be supported by series of exercises, methods and models.

Content: Recycling of limiting beliefs – letting go of fears – Strategies for success – SMART – Personal vision – Heart to heart connection – Visualization – Emotional release – Live your vision

Nina Vanita Hočevar, PhD in economy, researcher of inner self, shaman, trainer, therapist, NLP coach, has invested all her energy to discovering Who I am and What do I really want? I am fulfilling my dreams and I am happy.
My trainings: Reiki (1999), NLP Practitioner, Master, Coach (2002-2005), Shaman trainings with Rowland Barkleyu (od 2006-2009), Sexuality trainings (2010-2012), Humaniversity 1 year intensive programe (2012 in 2013). Last but not least I am being trained by LifeWood (Dusty Miller 13th). I create innovative projects that enable breakthrough to heart full success. My mission is to bring more understanding, love and friendship to life.