Olivier John Maxted and Megan Selby – Dive Deep into your Inner Landscape

Olivier John Maxted and Megan Selby – Dive Deep into your Inner Landscape

Your whole being is vibrating with life and sound. Did you know that in each and every moment you are emanating your unique frequency? Creating your inner landscape!

If you knew how this impacts your experience of the world, each person that you meet and every environment that you connect with, would you want to make sure that your frequency helps to uplift and bring peace to the world?

Olivier and Megan bring you a magical week of Sound Healing to connect you to your true vibration and the joy that lies within. Awaken the colours of your inner landscape and find more and more peace within.

You will have the opportunity to experience different ways to access healing energy through sound. Including singing mantra, toning your frequency and melting into transformational Sound Bath Healings.

Olivier and Megan hold a beautifully balanced male female energies which come through with the instruments that they play.

Megan sings ancestral and elemental tones and Olivier plays the wonderfully earthy didgeridoo creating a space for you to speak with your soul! They also play drums, chimes, harmonium, singing bowls and healing tuning forks to weave colour and texture into your inner landscape. You will learn ways to keep your energy field clear and vibrant using sound and intention.

You are held in sacred space to help you feel completely safe to trust whatever you feel or experience. You are also invited to explore the energies and beauty of two nearby Islands as part of the week’s seminars.

It’s all completely welcome. You are completely welcome in sound and silence on this Journey within.




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