Olivier John Maxted and Megan Selby – Healing Sound and Song Journeys to Nourish Your Soul

Olivier John Maxted and Megan Selby
(Great Britain) – Healing Sound and Song Journeys to Nourish Your Soul

Take a breath, now drop deep inside and connect to your own divine presence. During the week you will receive healing sound transmission from Megan and Olivier leaving you feeling balanced, restored and revitalised.

While Megan shares intuitive healing songs, Olivier taps into  healing energy that he brings through the didjeridoo. The combination of this duo (SoundBathHealing) is gentle, profound and powerful. While you benefit from good vibrations so does our amazing planet.

The beauty of this seminar is that you can completely let go. No knowledge is needed or required to be remembered. Come and allow this experience to fill your senses, transform your emotions create fresh perspectives on life.

The week includes resting deeply as you are held in healing sound and song.  There are lots of opportunities to literally lie back and be taken on a jouney for mind, body and soul…all you have to do is breathe!!

Amongst other instruments you will primarily experience harmonium and drums, Megan’s Voice and Olivier on didgeridoo.

You will also be tapping in to the infinite healing and transformative qualities of your own voice through simple toning, a deeper listening and sacred mantra.

We very much hope you can come and amplify this healing intent with us, enjoying a beautifully connecting and relaxing week of love and healing.

Contact : love@soundbathhealing.com,
Facebook: www.facebook.com/soundbathhealing