Olivier John Maxted and Megan Selby – Creating and deepening your Sound Healing Practice

Olivier John Maxted and Megan Selby – Creating and deepening your Sound Healing Practice

Olivier and Megan would love to welcome you to a week of delving into the wonders of healing sound.

Our intention for this week with you is to share simple Sound Healing techniques that you can take home.

We will introduce tuning forks, how to cleanse your energy and remove blockages and also vocal toning for health. We will also allow plenty of space for silence and stillness to allow the healing sounds to resonate through the body.

You will also have the opportunity to experience group sound healings, sound meditations and dropping into a deeper listening space. These practices align our physical and metaphysical aspects and contribute to greater vibrancy and health.

When we raise our frequency we automatically become happier and healthier. We are more likely to attract more positive experiences into our life. “Frequency First” is the key to greater levels of manifestation.

Being able to listen without judgment can help us understand where our system is out of balance and may need tuning, like an instrument. This week is all about understanding and experiencing how to tune ourselves into balance.

There will be plenty of time to absorb and relax into the blissful vibration of these seminars.

Megan Selby is an experienced sound healer from Cornwall, UK. She has worked with Chlöe Goodchild of the Naked Voice and is a tutor of the College of Sound Healing. She runs workshops to help people free their voice and connect to the energy of the land to bring healing and balance.

Olivier Maxted founded Sound Bath Healing in 2012 in Brisbane, Australia. He is a Reiki Master, clairvoyant healer and has a deep affinity with the spirit of the didjeridoo.

Together they have a vision of creating a global community through sound healing.