Pandit Dinesh Chandra Sati, dr. sc. med. – Vedic Astrology – Jyotish for health and karma

Vedic Astrology is the knowledge about the past, present and our future to understand; the 9 planets, 12 houses and 27 moon star.The 12 houses are the foundation of our lives The Moon Stars -. 27 Nakshatra say something about our nature, character, strengths and weaknesses. The Vedic horoscope shows through the planet, the health strengths and weaknesses in the body. We get knowledge about our karma, dharma, and how we can positive influence our lives, with Remedies, rituals, mantras and precious stones.

Jyotish is light, it is the knowledge, which helps us understand past, accept present and reveal the future. It enables us to realize and understand all domains of our life and attain happiness, love, home, business, health, spiritual progress and more. Seminar is appropriate to attend for the people with basic and advanced knowledge of Jyotish,
During the seminar we can already get many realization about our life, in the meantime Dr. Sati is also available for personal consultations. This seminar is convenient for the attainders of Jyotish with the degree or more profound level of knowledge.

This seminar is convenient for the attainders of Jyotish with the degree or more profound level of knowledge. Seminar will start with ritual Lakshmi Puja. (Evocation of special power) Carrier of the light , PANDIT DR. DINESH CHANDRA SATI. Ma PhD ,Doctor of Vedic science and Vedic astrology Pandit Dr. D. C. Sati is Dr. of science (Ph. D.) in Jyotish (Vedic astrology) and Sanskrit. He is director of Himalayan Jyotish and Yagya institute, very well known international expert of Vedic culture and also known by many private clients. While staying in Pasman he will have some seminars during the week and will also be available for personal consultations.

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