Renato Poletto – Harmonic singing, the voice of angels

002 Renato-2In the harmonic singing we are witnessing the doubling of the sound and multiply in all components most profound and ethereal: the harmonics. With the Harmonic Chant we first expand the capacity of listen to ourselves, others and the outside world: such attitude allows perceive a new reality. The overtone singing can be considered as a means of cure, inducer of meditative states of knowledge of the universe and vehicle vibration, his listening and use immediately evoke the spiritual dimension bringing in the daily, inside the body, in a simple and Direct ….. even if we can not sing and we believe we are out of tune.

Effects of overtone singing:

Loading of the cerebral cortex
Reducing heart rhythms (about three beats per minute)
Reduction of respiratory rhythms (decreased oxygen consumption)
Reduction of brain wave activity
Slow down the perception of time
Action on the spinal fluid to the brain
Creation of new neuronal synapses in the brain
Strengthening the capacity of listening (modified states of consciousness)
Induction of the meditative state.

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