Romana Đekić – Conscious Relationships – Understanding through Innate Health

Romana Đekić – Conscious Relationships – Understanding through Innate Health

We all crave deep connection. We want to be close to someone, we want to feel them, sense them, appreciate them, even melt into them. Through them, we want to know and feel our Selves.

In this seeking connection, and not just in romantic relationships, but in every relationship, many fears can come to the surface. We are scared of this connection, as others will see our hidden parts, our pain,  our weakness, our lostness. They might reject us, we might get hurt.

At the surface, this manifests as insecurities, frustration, anger, resentment, jealousy, blame and so on. Things can become messy. We don’t know what is happening, and what to do to come out of it.

When fears prevail, we go in the direction of either quarreling and fighting, or withdrawing and  resenting. We are in our defensive armour. There is no connection here.

When love and understanding win, we get closer and closer, to the other person, and to ourselves. We experience the sweetness and rawness of intimacy. We learn to let go of our armours, our masks, our need to be right, our need to control, demand, blame and criticise. We come back to ourself, to be our soft, yet strong, vulnerable, yet powerful, beautiful selves, warm and loving. From this place we see clearer, feel better, and connection is present as a natural thing.

At this seminar, I hope to draw out your own wisdom about how to choose love and understanding, over and over. Deeper seeing and insightful understanding is facilitated through the introduction of transformative Three principles of psychological and spiritual wellbeing (Mind, Consciousness and Thought), also known as Innate Health. These principles are the foundation of every human experience, the very elements out of which our life is created, moment to moment.

Understanding them helps us recognise our own innate health, ability to love and be happy and connected, that is already within us.

You are welcome whether you would like to improve and understand better your romantic or any other relationship in your life, including your relationship with yourself.

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Facilitator: Romana Dekic

Romana is transformative coach working mostly through sharing the Three principles understading of psychological and spiritual wellbeing. For 20 years Romana has been dedicated to reasearching and learning about the nature of life, personal growth and excellence, psychology and natural ways of healing. For 8 years she worked as a homeopath, until she came accross the Three principles.

Curently she works in Croatia and abroad. She is running group seminars, as well as individual session live or over Skype with people from all over Europe. She is a mentor in a professional training course in London (The Insight Space – Three principles facilitator training), where she also studied and received her diploma in 2011.