Romana Đekić – Touching the timeless, the limitless, within us

Romana Đekić – Touching the timeless, the limitless, within us

romana01Being in awe with the world of form, with all of the happenings and constant changes, troubles and successes, colors and sounds, fears and joys… can sometimes makes us lose sight of the timeless nature of our own Being.

Whenever we lose it, the ups and downs of life become less divine and more of a struggle. Problems may seem big and hard to resolve, clarity lost, and we may feel confused and powerless. The tension and stress can grow within us. We lose our calm, sense of Self and deeper purpose.

They say there is one solution to all problems. It is finding your own Self, your divine Self. We recognize it by the spacious feeling of calm, trust and inner knowing. This is the place that is the Source of all solutions, all inspiration and all creation.

Coming back to our true nature – the limitless, the timeless, the formless – over and over again, and learning to stay with it more and more of the time, makes us have more peace and less fear. It helps us recognize our unlimited personal greatness. It empowers us to face whatever we need to face and create whatever we want to create.

romana02It helps us be in love with our creating and our creation. It makes us experience this amazing diversity of life more fully, without getting lost in it.

In this seminar, we will be in touch with our true nature by exploring the understanding of the simple principles of creation and psychological wellbeing called The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought.