The whole programme will take place in the camp and on trips.

Seminars are simultaneously taking place in a wooden hall inside the camp and in the open  terrace above the sea. Individual treatments are taking place on specially prepeared places.

Accommodation in air-conditioned mobile houses in the camp

Two rooms per two persons. Each room has a bathroom with TWC.

Accommodation in private homes on the site Kraj

House B – 1st floor

  • Two rooms per three persons (one can use a fourth bed)

Each room has a bathroom with TWC and private balcony.
House B is 200 m away from the camp and 150 m from the sea.

House E – Ground Floor

  • Three rooms per two persons

They have a collective bathroom (TWC), and additionally has a toilet and a shared terrace.

House F

  • One room for four people (attic, terrace, their own TWC)
  • One room for one person (kitchen) – smaller room
  • One room per three persons (balcony)
  • Two rooms for two (balcony) (group two bathrooms with TWC)
  • 1 loft apartment

Rooms have a nice view, and each have private terrace, except for one that has a kitchen.
The house is situated 450 m from the camp in 300 m from the sea.

House I

  • Double room (I1 – 2)
  • Double room (I1 – 2)
  • Single room (I3 – 1) with kitchen

Residents of these rooms have a shared terrace, one bathroom-shower and one toilet in particular.
House I is 200 m away from the camp and 150 m from the sea.

House J

  • One room for two persons
  • One single room (smaller room, kitchen remodeled in the room)
  • Two rooms for one person (with two beds)

Rooms with shared TWC, especially is WC among rooms is a living room.
House J is 200 m from the camp and 30 m from the sea.

House JonaKuca-Jona-1


House PatriotKuca-Patriot-1Kuca-Patriot-2Kuca-Patriot


House ZKuca-Z-1Kuca-Z-2Kuca Z