Sabine Engelhardt – Creating a place for your soul




You probably remember being in a place, where you truly felt at home. Maybe this was somewhere in nature, in a church, in someone else’s house or where you, yourself, live or work. Being in this space might have given you peace, calmness, inspiration or the sense of being connected with others, the Earth or the Divine.

Soul places bring us in resonance with the world around us, connect us with our inner truth and help us to increase our vitality. Such places nourish us like a healthy meal and help us to unfold our life’s potential.

I would like to invite you to try your hands at creating a place for your soul – in the landscape or in a building. 

 During the workshop we will explore in a group process which kind of environment nourishes your soul, and support each other in developing ideas in form of sketches, models or words for your soul place to be created back Home. This might be a place to meditate, your family kitchen, your work place or somewhere to gather with friends. It might involve small or big changes – the choice is entirely yours.

As part of this process you will learn how to communicate with the invisible dimensions of space and how to clear potential blockages.

Sabine Engelhardt is a geomancer and award-winning Architect with twelve years’ experience in eco architecture and energy-efficient construction. Integrating her knowledge of geomancy and architecture, she has expertise in creating taylor – made designs that are in harmony with the Earth. Sabine has carried out space clearings for individuals and businesses, and has contributed to landscape healing projects. She is a founding member of the charity ‘GeaViva – co-creating synergy living on Brač’, and has been teaching seminars since 2010.