Sal Rachel – Our Cosmic History and ET Heritage and Practical Ascension

_MG_5577Our Cosmic History and ET Heritage and Practical Ascension invites you to investigate your genetic make up and personal history and how to apply this to your ascension process. We will open each morning with Sacred Dance shared by Jan to have the opportunity to get to know each other and co-create harmony and unity, and have fun. The transition is to the lecture/channeling/meditation pattern. Sal’s guides each have their favorite topics and we will hear from The Founders, The Arcturians and Sal’s twin soul, Leah. She has been know to be very humorous and full of fun as she shares what life is like from her 6th dimensional point of view.

The benefits of this workshop are opportunities to understand your personal and cosmic history so you may get to know yourself, to resolve your traumas as we will use Time Line Healing Technique for group processes, to learn about your ascension process and how to take it in stride, to explore community and learn about spiritual communities, to experience deep meditations created by Sal on the keyboard, to have a safe space to be your authentic self, to dive deeply into such topics as time/original cause/relationships, to ask your questions and get answers, to meet your higher self, and to share your experiences. and
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Sal tour

Istria community Sept. 21-30

Sofia, Bulgaria October 5-14

Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna, and other cities Oct. 15-25

Constanta, Romania Oct. 26 – Nov. 3

Belgrade, Serbia Nov. 5 – 22

Egypt late Nov. thru mid Dec.
See Sal’s website for more details.