Sal Rachel – Enlightened Relationships and Enlightened Communities

_MG_5577Enlightened Relationships and Enlightened Communities gives each of us much space to explore and to do experiential exercises around transition. Enlightened is defined, then we will go about co-creating this in our lives that are in the now while we are in workshop. We will explore and practice Non-Violent Communication which is the model of sharing your feeling, stating your need, and asking for a contribution to your doable request. Come ready to move and have fun as Sacred Dance will be used as one of the tools to explore how to live enlightened.

Sal will be on the keyboard and Jan will lead you in illustrative Sacred Dances. Many will be meditative. Also exercises from Transition Towns will be shared. We will be practicing thinking outside of the box!! We will hold discussions for you to explore the possibility of moving into an existing spiritual community, co-housing, or an intentional community. Plus, how to go about co-creating a new community. We actually will break into groups and role play making our own new communities. We will have the opportunity to practice clear and honest communication and unconditional love as these we have found are very important elements of Enlightened Relationships and Enlightened Communities. and

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Sal tour

Istria community Sept. 21-30

Sofia, Bulgaria October 5-14

Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna, and other cities Oct. 15-25

Constanta, Romania Oct. 26 – Nov. 3

Belgrade, Serbia Nov. 5 – 22

Egypt late Nov. thru mid Dec.
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