Sandra i Aleksandar Brborović – On the way up – Seminar of conscious hiking

Glavna fotografija200On the way up. We all look for the ways to be better, more successful, happier. There are many ways with different formulas. The mountain is there for those who will feel its call and accept its terms. It opens the door for us to test our own capabilities, provides an opportunity to live in full force. It satisfies the need for struggle, passion, shedding of sweat, opening the exhaust valve, discovering unknown terrain. At the same time, it forces us to look at the world from above, spreading our perspective.

It opens us the way to ourselves. It purifies us. It gives us insight into the meaning of life. It teaches us how to live.

Mountain relentlessly puts us in a moment. Right here and right now. Everything else becomes irrelevant. When we are up there, we know that we have been acknowledged in our essence, in full consciousness. This is our little moment of enlightenment which we yearn for.

At the seminar of conscious hiking we will learn how to experience the mountain and inspire ourselves. We will learn how to realize our potential in this powerful natural environment and at the same time to live in the moment. Followed by the presentation of impressive mountain pictures, we will learn about mountaineering ethics, protection of mountain nature, hiking techniques, how to prepare for hiking, how to harmonize nutrition and physical conditioning.

We will step outside the classroom on the hiking path, to tempt our body and spirit, enjoy the beautiful sights on pleasant hiking on the island of Pašman and National Park Paklenica.

Through the unbreakable bond between human beings and nature, we will learn to find ourselves and build our way.

“Anyone looking for goal will remain empty when it will be reached, but whoever finds a way, will always carry the goal inside.”
Nejc Zaplotnik, legend of Slovenian mountaineering.

The seminar consists of the educational part in the premises of the Harmony Centre and the experiential part in the form of easy hiking tours. All hiking tours will be tailored for beginners and easy paced. 2-3 tours are planned around the island of Pašman and one full day excursion will be organized to the National Park Paklenica. For hiking activities it is advisable to bring hiking boots or stronger sneakers, small backpack for basic things (packed lunch, water, protective cap or headscarf, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc.), in addition to mountain walking sticks (optional).

Join our seminar and together we will move our boundaries!

“We do not conquer the mountains but ourselves”
Sir Edmund Hillary, the man who first climbed Mount Everest, the highest mountain of the world.

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Sandra and Aleksandar Brborović are in love with mountains and have been active mountaineers for more than 10 years. Mountains connected them; they found each other there, and the mountains remained their passion.

Aleksandar is a professional mountain leader (international license UIMLA, Croatian Mountain Guides Association and Croatian Mountaineering Association), a ski leader and a tour leader.

As a longtime practiced leader at Croatian Mountaineering Association Zagreb Matica, and through independent organization, he has led a series of mountaineering tours in Croatia,  Slovenia, Montenegro, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Iceland, and also on the Himalayas and in North Africa. He has also organized and led a mountaineering course at Croatian Mountaineering Association Zagreb Matica. Sandra is a long-time experienced mountaineer, a participant and co-organizer of Aleksandar’s tours, an expert in tourism activities. She has organized workshops of conscious hiking in Zagreb, with tours in Croatia and Slovenia, encouraging self-development of participants through direct experience, at the same time developing a conscious approach to activities that connect people and nature., tel: +385 (0)99 3116 567