Saša Radomirović – Mayan calendar – meet the Golden Age


Noosphere – Earth’s mantle of awareness – guide and lead us into The Golden Age!

Every individual experiences a new era by a conscious choice. The roads to it are numerous, but understanding and acceptance of time and space, is crucial, whichever way you choose.

Mayan calendar allows you to synchronize your vibrations with the vibrations of nature around and within you – and then you experience the state of oneness! Recognize more synchronicity in life, strengthen your intuition, inner wisdom and telepathy – wake up from the Dreamspell! Gain insight into your life’s purpose, in order to achieve a happy and fulfilled life. At the seminar, you find out what is your kin – energy of the day in which you were born, wise for each day and your personal meditation, prayer in 7 galactic directions. Mayan New Year, which is celebrated around the world, is during the seminar, and we will celebrate together with the ancient Mayan customs and rituals, meditation, prayer and energetic work. Head Sasha Radomirovic, practitioner of Mayan calendar, works also Mayan ritual energy treatments and intuitive reading.