Seminars 2018

DateLeader’s nameProgramme 

15.6.-22.6.Željko Sobotka (Croatia)Picking and using medicinal plants
 Jasminka Premerl (Croatia) Nikola Tesla’s Secret Doctrine of Basic Health
 Martin Lisec (Slovenia)Love – The Highest State of Living
  Astrid Yamuna Büer (Austria)Yoga for Better Energy Flow and Good Sleep

22.6.-29.6.Jasmina Kovačev (Serbia, New Zealand) The Influence of Past Lives on the Present
 Goran Stanojević (Croatia)Therapeutic Shiatsu Massage – a Basic Seminar
 Astrid Yamuna Büer (Austria)Detox Techniques and Exercises in Ayurveda and Yoga
 Marko Šetinc (Slovenia)Understanding Yourself through the Beauty of Nature – Seminar of trekking
 Nenad Janjetović (Bosnia and Hercegovina) and Josip Cvitkušić (Germany)How to Bring Balance to Soul and Body

29.6.-6.7.Olivier John Maxted and Megan Selby (Great Britain)Dive Deep into your Inner Landscape
 Pandit Dinesh Chandra Sati (India)Deep Healing and Relaxing by Vedic Mantra Chanting and Ceremony (Puja)
 Uroš Vukša (Serbia)Yumeiho – Japanese Manual Therapy
 Angelica Horvatić (Croatia)Physical and Emotional Permanent Weight Loss Secrets
 Hubertus Scheidlberger (Austria)Live in motion!!

6.7.-13.7.Nagual Uchu (Uruguay) and Tadeja Škorja (Slovenia)Modern Shamanism – The Art of Manifestation
 Olivier John Maxted and Megan Selby (Great Britain)Coming Home to Yourself through Healing Sound and Sacred Song
 Matjaž Duh (Slovenia)Reflexotherapy – a Method of Harmonisation 
 Tina Ogorevc Pavlin (Slovenia)Clinical Somatics
 Nataša Kern (Slovenia)Biodance – Accepting One’s Feelings to Decisively Live in the Moment (the Qualities of Ying/Yang)

13.7.-20.7.Nagual Uchu (Uruguay) and Tadeja Škorja (Slovenija)Modern Shamanism – Living in Harmony
 Bernard Svete (Slovenia)How to Live in Love
 Thomas Fink (Italija)Biodance on Pašman – the Energy of the Native Americans- Medicine Wheel
 Monika Pekošak (Slovenia)Using Karmic Diagnostics to Understand Life and Change Patterns
 Blanka Šauperl (Slovenia)Kundalini Yoga – Me, You and We – Recognising that the Other Person is You!

20.7.-27.7.John Christian (Great Britain)Developing your Natural Charisma
 Romana Đekić (Croatia) Conscious Relationships – Understanding through Innate Health
 Nataša Tovirac/Siri Amrit Kaur (Slovenia)Shakti Dance – Yoga Dance
 Dagmara Gmitrzak (Poland)Awake your Super Creative Genius and Feel the Magic of Life 
 Mateja Tomšič Akengen (Slovenia)From the School of Shamanism: Our Inner Child, the Spiritual Source and Our Connection to Life

27.7.-3.8.Vanni i Rosy (Italy)Power, Amazement, Magic – when Love is Eros
 Piero Zama Nabe (Italy)The Theatre of the Constellations
 Margareta Vesna Agape (Serbia)The Wizard’s Treasure: Mastery of Natural Living
 Gonpo Kyab (India,Tibet)Tibetan Stress Reduction Methods
    Irena Odar Tomašević (Slovenia)SAI relaxation of body and spirit 

3.8.-10.8.Renato Poletto (Italy)In Sound –  Sound Ceremony of Intention and Inner Sound Engineering
 Elisabetta Bianchi (Italy) Presenting Ourselves in the Right Light Today to Waken Our Essence Tomorrow
 Nataša Radanović (Bosnia and Herzegovina)Thai Massage & Reusi Dat Ton Exercises (Thai Yoga)
 Swami Gyan Nikhil Joshi (India)Ayurveda and Relationships
  Izabela Cisek – Malec (Poland)The Art of Conscious Touch 

10.8.-17.8.Nicola Poinelli (Italy)Escape the Inner Fire and Find the Path to Transformation and Personal Fulfilment
 Gloria Coccato (Italy)Massage and Tarot Seminar: Balancing the Microcosm/Body through the Interpretation and Understanding of Symbology
 Vedran Petrak (Croatia)Sound magic – Himalayan Bowls & Gongs
 Paulina Stroz (Poland)
“Presence and freedom through body”
 Vesna Juvan (Slovenia)Woman and Her Sources of Power

17.8.-24.8.Micaela Bianco (Italy)The Dance of Identity and the Alchemy of Four Elements (Biodance)
 Maurizio Dossi (Italy)Mandalas: a Seminar on the Coloured Circles of Sensations that are Part of the Inner Relaxation of Listening to Ourselves
 Petra Jeretina (Slovenia)Returning to Natural Motion Using the Feldenkrais Method
 Jasminko Miklec (Croatia)Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan
  Sherakai Rita Shiller (Austria)Tantric Work for the Body

24.8.-31.8.Wioletta Glyzewska and Ewa Zudro (Poland)Kundalini Yoga – Feel the Flow through your Mental, Physical and Spiritual Bodies
 Luce Vergaro (Italy)Shiatsu Massage and Pilole Japanese Astrology for Better Self-understanding
 Paola Maya (Italy)Tribal Dance
 Urban Urbanc (Slovenia)The World around Us is a Reflection of what Is Happening within
  Sandra Brborović (Croatia)Mindful Yoga Trekking

31.8.-7.9. Matic Anzeljc (Slovenia)How to improve the quality of life
 Jasminka Premerl (Croatia)Quantum Leaps and Fractals – a Combination of Science and Spirituality
   Sindy Slipac (Croatia)From Aromatherapy to Harmony
   Alegra Jenkins (Great Britain)Sound Healing and Gentle Body Work
Ori Jedlowski (Italy)Waves of creativity, the song of life