Seminars 2019

DateLeader’s nameProgramme 

14.6.-21.6.Željko Sobotka (Croatia)Picking and using medicinal plants
 Jasminka Premerl (Croatia)The Quantum Vibration of Emotion and Tesla’s Spiral
 Martin Lisec (Slovenia)Love – The eternal inspiration of life
  Astrid Yamuna Büer (Austria)Yoga for hormonal balance,  more energy and better sleep
 Marko Šetinc (Slovenia)Understanding Yourself through the Beauty of Nature – Trekking Seminar

21.6.-28.6.Goran Stanojević (Croatia)Therapeutic Shiatsu Massage – a Basic Seminar
 Astrid Yamuna Büer (Austria)Ayurveda yoga – visible results trough individual combination of exercises and detox
 Nenad Janjetović (Bosnia and Hercegovina)How to Know Yourself, Nature and the Universe
 Stephen Poplin (USA)A Past Life Regression Seminar
 Nataša Kern (Slovenia)Biodanza – Be present and celebrate your Magnificent Self as you are – NOW

28.6.-5.7. Nestor Kornblum (Spain, Great Britain) Health and Harmony through Sound, Voice and Overtones
 Pandit Dinesh Chandra Sati (India)Deep healing and relaxation – Vedic way
 Uroš Vukša (Serbia)Yumeiho – Japanese Manual Therapy
 Jasmina Kovačev (Serbia, New Zealand)
Improve Your Communication Sills
 Mateja Tomšič Akengen (Slovenia)IFA (WISDOM) – the Science of Life, Human Destiny, Human Character and the Universe (African Shamanism)

5.7.-12.7.Nagual Uchu (Uruguay) and Tadeja Škorja (Slovenia)Modern Shamanism – Free From The Past, Ready For The Future
 Olivier John Maxted and Megan Selby (Great Britain)Coming Home to Yourself through Healing Sound and Sacred Song
 Matjaž Duh (Slovenia)Reflexotherapy – a Method of Harmonisation 
 Tina Ogorevc Pavlin (Slovenia)SOMATIKA – Energetic and Somatic Exercises for Improving Health at All LevelsClinical Somatics
 Vesna Maksimović and Zeljko Smulja (Bosnia & Herzegovina)Realising Life in Accordance with Your Personal Missio
 Josip Cvitkušić (Germany)
 The Natural Way to Balance Body, Spirit and Soul

12.7.-19.7.Nagual Uchu (Uruguay) and Tadeja Škorja (Slovenija)Modern Shamanism – Awakening The True Self
 Javor Skerlj Vogelnik (Slovenia)Compassionate Communicationthe Art of Listening, Empathy and Authentic Self-expression
 Monika Pekošak (Slovenia)Karmic Diagnostics – Changing Your Personal Programme and the Path to Yourself
 Akal Puran Kaur (Slovenia)Kundalini yoga – Happiness is your Birth Right
 Nataša Radanović (Bosnia and Hercegovina)
 Thai Abdominal Massage and Reproductive Health

19.7.-26.7.Dagmara Gmitrzak (Poland)The Hawaiian and American Indian Practice of Healing Body, Mind, Heart and Soul
 Romana Đekić (Croatia)Love
 Nataša Tovirac/Siri Amrit Kaur (Slovenia)Shakti Dance® Yoga Dance / Awakening the Creative Fire
 Josip Joe Meixner (Croatia and Austria)Music as Medicine – Self-therapy with Healing Sounds 
 Nenad Janjetović (Bosnia & Herzegovina)How to Balance Life and Health

26.7.-2.8.Vanni i Rosy (Italy)It’s Never Too Late to Express Your Talents (Biodance and Kinesiology)
 Piero Zama Nabe (Italy)The Inner Clown – a Journey in search of Your Inner Madness
 Margareta Vesna Agape and Mr Branislav Micić (Serbia)Awakening Body Awareness through Magic of Touch & Sound
 Alegra Jenkins (Great Britain)Making Soul Connections through the Medicine Wheel
    Irena Odar Tomašević (Slovenia)SAI Relaxation of Body and Spirit

2.8.-9.8.Renato Poletto (Italy)I Dance, Vibrate and Live
 Elisabetta Bianchi (Italy)Who Am I? Identity, Value and Self-esteem (Biodance)
 Dagmara Gmitrzak (Poland)Eco Therapy – Discover the Healing Power of Nature and How to Communicate with It
 Swami Gyan Nikhil Joshi (India)Ayurveda
 Romana Strasek (Slovenia)A Connection with the Presence – Falling in Love with Life

9.8.-16.8.Nicola Poinelli (Italy)Between Heaven and Earth – Remembering Our Roots and Fulfilling Our Wishes
 Vedran Petrak (Croatia)Sound magic – Himalayan Bowls & Gongs
 Paulina Stroz (Poland)
 Vesna Juvan (Slovenia)Woman and Connecting with Her
 Bruno Šimleša (Croatia)The School of Love and Healthy Relationships

16.8.-23.8.Micaela Bianco (Italy)Biodance: Myths and Archetypes of Male and Female Polarities
 Dalibor Purhmajer (Serbia)Psihodinamics of karmic patterns (vastu, jyotish, ayurveda) – introduction and application
 Petra Jeretina (Slovenia)Returning to Natural Motion Using the Feldenkrais Method
 Jasminko Miklec (Croatia)Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan
  Sherakai Rita Shiller (Austria)Tantric Work for the Body

23.8.-30.8.Wioletta Glyzewska and Ewa Zudro (Poland)Kundalini Yoga – Feel the Flow through your Mental, Physical and Spiritual Bodies
 Ursula Scattolin (Italy)We Are Colour – Biodance
 Maurizio Dossi (Italy)Mandala and My Wishes
 Urban Urbanc (Slovenia)How to Walk Your Talk in Spirituality
  Sandra Brborović (Croatia)Mindful Yoga Trekking

30.8.-6.9. Maurizio Dossi (Italy)A Space for Creativity: Music, Motion and Socialising – Biodance
 Jasminka Premerl (Croatia)Tesla’s Spiral as a Tool for Personal Development
   Sindy Slipac (Croatia)From Aromatherapy to Harmony
   Alegra Jenkins (Great Britain)Free Your Voice and Connect with Your Soul