Seminars 2020

DateLeader’s nameProgramme 

12.6.-19.6.Željko Sobotka (Croatia)Picking and using medicinal plants
 Jasminka Premerl MSc Eng. (Croatia)The Principles of Health and Its Use and Practice
 Martin Lisec, MA (Slovenia)Inter-personal Relationships and Health
  Astrid Yamuna Büer (Austria)Using the Potential of the Lungs and Brain during Yoga to Achieve Inner Peace and Health
 Marko Šetinc (Slovenia)Knowing Yourself through the Beauty of Nature

19.6.-26.6.Goran Stanojević (Croatia)Little Shiatsu Magic
 Astrid Yamuna Büer (Austria)Ayurveda – A Pure Body as a Basis for a Peaceful Spirit and a Happy Life
 Nenad Janjetović (Bosnia and Hercegovina)How Thoughts, Words, Different Magic and Figures Generally Affect Health and Life
 Janos Juhasz / Patrik Szombathelyi (Hungary)Handpan Workshop with MAG Instruments – Basic Techniques, Simple Rhythms and Improvisation
 Andrej Pešec (Slovenia)Knowledge for Life

26.6.-3.7.Alegra Jenkins (Great Britain)Free Your Voice and connect with your Soul
 Dr. Pandit Dinesh Chandra Sati,  MA Ph.D (India)Deep Healing and Relaxation with Knowledge of the Vedas (for More Health, Success and Happiness)
 Maja Dobrila Vukša and Uroš Vukša (Serbia)Water and Sunshine – the Harmony of Female and Male Energies within Ourselves and the World around Us
 Jasmina Kovačev (Serbia, New Zealand)Get Close to Your Essence by Elevating Your Frequency
 Nataša Kern (Slovenia)Opening the Paths of Ecstasy by Experiencing an Emotional Existence – Biodanza

3.7.-10.7.Nagual Uchu (Uruguay)Access Ancient Wisdom Through Soul Journeys 1
 Matjaž Duh (Slovenia)Reflexotherapy – a Harmonisation Method 
 Tina Ogorevc Pavlin (Slovenia)Somatics – Energy and Somatic Exercises for Improving Health on Every Level
 Vesna Maksimović and Zeljko Smulja (Bosnia & Herzegovina)Living in Line with Your Personal Mission
 Josip Cvitkušić (Germany)How to Balance Your Body, Mind and Soul

10.7.-17.7.Nagual Uchu (Uruguay)Access Ancient Wisdom Through Soul Journeys 2
 Darija Sekulić (Slovenia) i Nenad Janjetović (Bosnia and Hercegovina)How do You Remain Calm in this Stressful Life?
 Nataša Tovirac/Siri Amrit Kaur (Slovenia)Shakti Dance® – Dance Yoga – Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow
 Eduard Aichbauer (Austria)Agnihotra – a Daily Fire Ceremony at Sunrise and Sunset
 Nataša Radanović (Bosnia and Hercegovina)Abdominal Work and Touch Awareness in Therapy

17.7.-24.7.Nestor Kornblum (Spain, Great Britain) Health and Harmony through Sound, Voice and Overtones
 Dagmara Gmitrzak (Poland)Psychology and Shamanism: What Can Inter-personal Relationships Teach Us about Ourselves?
 Bruno Šimleša (Croatia)The School of Love and Healthy Relationships
 Akal Puran Kaur (Slovenia)Breathing Peace – Kundalini Yoga 
 Ursula Scattolin (Italy)Biodanza – on the Wings of Angels

24.7.-31.7.Vanni i Rosy (Italy)The Pleasure of Letting Go
 Andrea Moroni (Italy)‘Siren Songs’ – Musicians at Sea
 Monika Pekošak (Slovenia)Changing Your Programme with Karmic Diagnostics and Moving to a Higher Level of Activity
 Kim Doucette (Canada / Slovenia)The Development of Personal Spirituality – Spiritual Guides, Angels, Animal Guides, Dreams, Past Lives and Akashic Records
  Irena Odar Tomašević (Slovenia)SAI Relaxation of Body and Spirit

31.7.-7.8.Francesco and Chiara (Italy)The Shaman in Us – the Art of Listening and Observing
 Elisabetta Bianchi (Italy)BIODANZA – Numerous Languages, Differing Cultures, but Just One Source
 Gorodijskij Bogdan (Russia)The Ancient Knowledge of Man
 Swami Gyan Nikhil Joshi (India)Beauty and Youth in Ayurveda
 Romana Strašek (Slovenia)Life is Here and Now: Where Am I?

7.8.-14.8.Nicola Poinelli (Italy)The Bravery of Being What We Are – Identity, Self-esteem and Self-confidence
 Vedran Petrak (Croatia)Sound magic – Himalayan Bowls & Gongs
 Paulina Stroz (Poland)
 Vesna Juvan (Slovenia)Women – Inside and Out
 Bruno Šimleša (Croatia)The Advanced Alphabet of Spirituality

14.8.-21.8.Micaela Bianco (Italy)Finding Balance through Experience of Polarity
 Dalibor Purhmajer (Serbia)Ancient Knowledge of Vedas on Self-realisation
 Petra Jeretina (Slovenia)Discovering Patterns Using the Feldenkrais Method
 Jasminko Miklec (Croatia)Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan
 Alegra Jenkins (Great Britain)The Medicine Wheel and Mayan connections

21.8.-28.8.Wioletta Glyzewska and Ewa Zudro (Poland)Kundalini Yoga – Feeling Your Inner Flow
 Domagoj Čelan (Croatia)The Science and Skill of Energy Management – a System of Natural Healing and Synchronisation
 Giusy and Gianna (Italy)Biodanza – Building a Happy Home
 Andrea Marini (Italy)Harmony and Chakras
  Sandra Brborović (Croatia)Mindful Yoga Trekking

28.8.-4.9.Wioletta Glyzewska and Ewa Zudro (Poland)Kundalini Yoga – the Source of Youth
 Jasminka Premerl (Croatia)Fractals and the School of Life
  Sindy Slipac (Croatia)From Aromatherapy to Harmony
  Alenka Kukman (Slovenia)Soap, Shampoo, Natural Cosmetics and other Workshops