Seminars 2020

DateLeader’s nameProgramme 

12.6.-19.6.Željko Sobotka (Croatia)Picking and using medicinal plants
 Jasminka Premerl MSc Eng. (Croatia)The Principles of Health and Its Use and Practice
 Martin Lisec, MA (Slovenia)Inter-personal Relationships and Health
 Natsumi (Japan) Yoga – knowing life itself
 Marko Šetinc (Slovenia)Knowing Yourself through the Beauty of Nature

19.6.-26.6.Goran Stanojević (Croatia)Little Shiatsu Magic
 Natsumi (Japan)Yoga – knowing life itself
 Nenad Janjetović (Bosnia and Hercegovina)How Thoughts, Words, Different Magic and Figures Generally Affect Health and Life
 Janos Juhasz / Patrik Szombathelyi (Hungary)Handpan Workshop with MAG Instruments – Basic Techniques, Simple Rhythms and Improvisation
 Andrej Pešec (Slovenia)Knowledge for Life

26.6.-3.7.Alegra Jenkins (Great Britain)Free Your Voice and connect with your Soul
 Maja Dobrila Vukša and Uroš Vukša (Serbia)Water and Sunshine – the Harmony of Female and Male Energies within Ourselves and the World around Us
 Nataša Kern (Slovenia)Opening the Paths of Ecstasy by Experiencing an Emotional Existence – Biodanza

3.7.-10.7.Nagual Uchu (Uruguay)Access Ancient Wisdom Through Soul Journeys 1
 Matjaž Duh (Slovenia)Reflexotherapy – a Harmonisation Method 
 Vesna Maksimović and Zeljko Smulja (Bosnia & Herzegovina)Living in Line with Your Personal Mission

10.7.-17.7.Nagual Uchu (Uruguay)Access Ancient Wisdom Through Soul Journeys 2
 Darija Sekulić (Slovenia) i Nenad Janjetović (Bosnia and Hercegovina)How do You Remain Calm in this Stressful Life?
 Nataša Tovirac/Siri Amrit Kaur (Slovenia)Shakti Dance® – Dance Yoga – Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

17.7.-24.7.Nestor Kornblum (Spain, Great Britain) Health and Harmony through Sound, Voice and Overtones
 Dagmara Gmitrzak (Poland)Psychology and Shamanism: What Can Inter-personal Relationships Teach Us about Ourselves?
 Bruno Šimleša (Croatia)The School of Love and Healthy Relationships
 Atma Parvan Kaur (Slovenia)Breathing Peace – Kundalini Yoga 
 Ursula Scattolin (Italy)Biodanza – on the Wings of Angels

24.7.-31.7.Vanni i Rosy (Italy)The Pleasure of Letting Go
 Andrea Moroni (Italy)‘Siren Songs’ – Musicians at Sea
 Monika Pekošak (Slovenia)Changing Your Programme with Karmic Diagnostics and Moving to a Higher Level of Activity
 Alegra Jenkins (Great Britain)Exploring Personal Spirituality

31.7.-7.8.Francesco and Chiara (Italy)The Shaman in Us – the Art of Listening and Observing
 Elisabetta Bianchi (Italy)BIODANZA – Numerous Languages, Differing Cultures, but Just One Source
 Natsumi (Japan)Yoga – knowing life itself
 Andrej Pešec (Slovenia) Knowledge for life

7.8.-14.8.Nicola Poinelli (Italy)The Bravery of Being What We Are – Identity, Self-esteem and Self-confidence
 Vedran Petrak (Croatia)Sound magic – Himalayan Bowls & Gongs
 Paulina Stroz (Poland)
 Bruno Šimleša (Croatia)The Advanced Alphabet of Spirituality

14.8.-21.8.Micaela Bianco (Italy)Finding Balance through Experience of Polarity
 Bojan Pavlović (Serbia)Ancient Knowledge of Vedas on Self-realisation
 Petra Jeretina (Slovenia)Discovering Patterns Using the Feldenkrais Method
 Jasminko Miklec (Croatia)Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan
 Alegra Jenkins (Great Britain)The Medicine Wheel and Mayan connections

21.8.-28.8.Monika Valetič Samsa (Slovenia)Kundalini Yoga – Feeling Your Inner Flow
 Domagoj Čelan (Croatia)The Science and Skill of Energy Management – a System of Natural Healing and Synchronisation
 Paul Buoro (Italy)Biodanza – Building a Happy Home
  Sandra Brborović (Croatia)Mindful Yoga Trekking

28.8.-4.9.Cornelia Džepina-Burić (Croatia)Kundalini Yoga – the Source of Youth
 Jasminka Premerl (Croatia)Fractals and the School of Life
   Sindy Slipac (Croatia)From Aromatherapy to Harmony
   Alenka Kukman (Slovenia)Soap, Shampoo, Natural Cosmetics and other Workshops