Shirlie Roden – Sing with the angels


There are Angels of Sound, Angels of Healing and Angels of Abundance just waiting to connect with us when we open our hearts with sacred sound. Unity breathing, chanting and pure tones will help prepare you to enter the angelic world as you relax body and mind and open every cell to the flow of divine healing energy. Simply call the Angels to you, join with them in meditation, breathe in their high vibration and joyfully receive their assistance as you feel them singing with you and through you.

This angelic vibrational energy will help you to heal mind, body and spirit as you allow yourself to release the past, open to fuller feelings, and begin experiencing and expressing love and life from the heart.

Each day we will work with a different angel, including the Archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel and your own Guardian Angel who will offer you support at every level of your life: in love, in relationships, work and prosperity, and help you to discover the Angelic Being who is the authentic you. Angels are waiting to help you. All you have to do is ask to feel this divine essence within you and experience your oneness with the Universe.

Shirlie will also perform a concert of her own songs for Harmony on 10. july  evening.