Simonida Zorić Jančić i Biljana Bedričić – Creative change

Simonida Zorić Jančić i Biljana Bedričić – Creative change

Seminars_Joy of creationIn order to have a more productive life, we need perceive  the life in a more  creative way, without fears and with an open heart and mind. We need to embrace the change as a possibility for our personal growth. Our capacity for embracing and appreciating the change can open the doors of unthinkable personal as well as material growth.

Second powerful tool we have inside us is creativity, which most of us tend to push aside and forget because we think that we can’t live out of creativity alone. And in that thinking lies one of the greatest fallacies because creativity is THE virtue that can support us in living the life we want.

During this exciting seminar, we will explore the ways of expressing creative powers and reaching the greatest personal potential through creative games, contact and creative flow.

Our journey to the creative core will be powered by positive affirmations (Louise Hay Method), guided visualizations, free movement, contact and various projective techniques such as collaging, drawing, colouring and sculpting.

Biljana1Biljana Bedricic – psychologist, certified Heal Your Life Trainer, certified Assertive Communication and Emotional Literacy trainer, Angel Therapy Practitioner. Also trained in REBT, NLP and Intercultural Leader Training. Educator and lecturer on various self-development seminars, local and international.

Simonida1Simonida Zoric Jancic – Art Therapist/Creativity Coach in education, licenced Bach flower essences practicioner. She has been actively involved in organising numerous creative festivals and events. Educator on various creative workshops and seminars of self development and personal growth through creativity, flow and contact with crystals.  and