Alicja Sonia Bednarek and Anna Nell Grusza – Back to Beauty

 Alicja Sonia Bednarek and Anna Nell Grusza – Back to Beauty

„The ultimate goal is always beauty, bliss is a by-product.” ~ Osho

There is beauty of the matter and there is beauty of the soul. The first one belongs to the external world and … actually, is quite momentary. Today it is, but tomorrow may be gone. It is said that this beauty is in the eyes, so what is amazing for someone, for another person may be quite ordinary. This second beauty is something inner. It does not depend on our taste, and when emerges – it never goes away, and … actually, nothing can destroy it. Is eternal and universal. And cannot be seen. It can only be felt, therefore our sensitivity holds the key to it.

Unfortunately, we often think that sensitivity will make us weak, that we need to become numb and separate ourselves to feel safe and strong. But through sensitivity we open ourselves and connect with our source, with pure intelligence. The one that helps us not only act beautifully, but also move away from unhealthy situations. Sensitivity and beauty are never passive. They are pulsating and stunning creativity, and therefore are advocates of pure power.

So what will we do in this gorgeous summer?

Most of all, our practice will be holy return to and celebration of sensual sensitivity, soft soaking in beauty of the surroundings and, of course, revealing beauty in ourselves. Our practices will also help in softening tensions or melting frozen parts of us as well as abandoning automatic ways of being, that moves us away from feeling true beauty.

Sensations that we will offer to you come from the tantric Shakti tradition and bioenergetics. They will include experiencing many extremely subtle rituals and firmly grounding practices, which are essential to the flow of life energy, for being sentient and present from moment to moment, in inner freedom and beauty. They engage our senses, including touch, imagination, breath, emotions, sound, flow of energy, awareness and movement. We will also include all that offers us this wonderful island, the splendour of its nature, the silkiness of the sea and the blessing of the sun.

Our intention is that after this meeting you will be:

  • With a soft, beloved and honoured body
  • Delighted with a new, deeper dimension of your individual beauty
  • Dazzled by the beauty around you
  • More sentient, sensual and intuitive
  • Saturated with bliss and gratitude.

Through this sensitivity and beauty, we invite you to rest in your deeper power, forever.
Alicja Sonya Bednarek and Anna Nell

Alicja Sonya Bednarek (1)Alicja Sonya Bednarek

Is one of the pioneers of contemporary, feminine spirituality in Poland. She is the author of the project Breast Goddess and leads Shakti Temple in Warsaw. An advocate of changing paradigm of the role of femininity. She believes, that in re-awaking of femininity – its pure essence, wisdom and beauty – will not only witness Her rebirth, but also the return of Her passionate harmony with masculinity. Since 2010 she offers workshops rooted in Hindu tantra, most of them for women, but some also for men, who above all long to live in the beauty of truth.

For years she explores tantric path of Shakti, she studied Tantra of the Heart and Lomi Lomi Nui. Her guide and inspiration are teachings of amazing women: Chameli Ardagh, Sally Kempton and Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita, as well as Osho teaching. Interviews with her appeared in Polish press (Sens, Mirror), web portals, TV programs (TV4, ‘little black’) and radio (PR Three, Tok FM). For more information:

For the love of flowers, herbs and trees fragrances, she also runs a manufacture of natural candles and perfumes Suryani Alchemy. In this way she captures their elusive aroma, aromatherapeutic and magical properties. For more information:

Anna-NellAnna Nell Grusza

Since 2000 she has undergone numerous trainings, courses and workshops on work with the mind and body. Neurolinguistics programming marked the beginning of a journey through the human capacity to make changes in their lives. Moreover, she educated in the Silva method, Breath Integration, Soulwork, Huna, Emotional Intelligence, working with beliefs, EFT tapping method, career guidance.

Fascinated by the combination of the mind, emotions and body, she studied Chinese Five Elements dietetics, Chinese medicine, Tantra Heart, Feng Shui, analysis of blood living drop and herbalism. She also participated in the first in Poland 4-year Postgraduate Training in Dr Alexander Lowen Bioenergetics Analysis.

She led numerous workshops in personal development and has published articles in press and well-known web portals. Since 2012 she leads group and individual classes in Ajna Centre for Personal Development in Bialystok, and ad hoc in other Polish cities. These include grounding and bioenergetics exercises, deepening awareness of the body and also contain elements of bioenergetics analysis. This workshop and therapeutic experience allows Anna Nell to connect the processes of change in the service of authentic human beauty that grows with its unique inner self.

Polish interview with her you can see here: Przejmij odpowiedzialność za swój rozwój – Anna Nell

More information: