Stephen Poplin – Tarot card intensive – the Universe is Talking

magi-view1Stephen Poplin – Tarot card intensive – the Universe is Talking

Stephen will present a Tarot card intensive at Harmony the last week of June 2017.
He asks the participants to bring their own decks, and he will use the classic Rider deck to teach with. Stephen will explain the meanings of the cards, numbers, colors and styles. We will have readings, watch for signs and symbols, and learn card lay-outs. There are many uses of the cards, and cleansing, protecting and focusing are important. It will be inter-active, intuitive and fun.

Stephen-PoplinStephen Poplin, M.A., CHT, professional astrologer, spiritual coach and transpersonal hypnotherapist, is a former college instructor of philosophy and humanities. Stephen lived in Virginia Beach and gave talks at the ARE on Edgar Cayce and Astrology. He has studied revolutionary history, drama therapy, symbology, numerology and metaphysics, among other interests. He has performed stage hypnosis shows for educational and spiritual breakthroughs. Stephen’s practice, which includes past life regression work, trance personal journeys and life between lives integration, is located in Europe and the USA. Stephen is an interfaith minister and “worth shop” leader with clients worldwide. He is known for his compassion, insight and humor.

Stephen is the former International Director of the Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy, founded by Michael Newton, who wrote the bestselling “Journey of Souls.” He was also past presidents of two international astrology association centers (the NCGR) in both Virginia Beach and Washington, DC.

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