Thomas Fink – Dancing Over the Rainbow to Meet One Another

Thomas Fink – Dancing Over the Rainbow to Meet One Another

thomas03Dancing over the rainbow to encounter the others!

Every single day of our life we do meet people. Sometimes they are simply passing by, sometimes they stay instead, to share with us a part of our own path.
We often don’t pay much attention to meeting the others, but each encounter is indeed a special moment, a sacred one.
For the summer 2017, on the Pašman Isle, by the Club Harmony, my program will be this: a week (just like the preview time) in which the group will learn to pay attention and take more care about those unique and unrepeatable moments, in which we come in touch with several, different energy’s fields through the meeting of another person. It is our choise, if the meeting may be conflictual, or can enrich us instead, allowing us to meet eventually ourselves, approaching us to the most intimate and authentic core of ourselves.

We will assume the rainbow as our guide, experiencing through each of its colours a special energetical quality of meeting the others.

  • Meeting RED: pure energy, strenght, passion
  • Meeting ORANGE: sensitiveness, faithfulness, sensuality
  • Meeting YELLOW: brightness, radiance, beaming light and enthusiasm
  • Meeting green: they are sensible and give us a sensation of some particulare equilibrio  
  • Meeting BLUE: the greatest freedom flowing together with intensity and depth
  • Meeting VIOLET and INDIGO: approaching and embracing the innermost part of us, the most sensitive and delicate one.

During the week we will dance each encounter following an energetically a progressive path, intensely experiencing each other and ourselves with respect and depth.

It is an experience fit for everybody, even for those who never danced Biodanza before!

There will be dancing of joy and fun, of cheerfulness and passion, and each participant will be able to find his/her special colour and emotion.

Please, join us! I am looking forwards you to reach and celebrate a colourful, bountiful Biodanza with us in the fantastic Club Harmony of Pašman Isle!