Tom Ryan and Leina Meštrović – Achieve Natural Ecstatic Mind Highs

Tom Ryan and Leina Meštrović – Achieve Natural Ecstatic Mind Highs

_MG_2110_resizeCreate natural drug free endorphin highs. You can do it. It’s a magical repeatable experience.

Every feeling, every emotion we experience good bad or indifferent are the result of an internal chemical response. Our bodies contain the most amazing chemical laboratory in creation. That in turn responds to consciousness. The key to the production, the formulation and release of these chemicals is achieving the appropriate states of consciousness.

Any desired state can be easily achieved at will when you have the key. That key can be easily activated and directed with simple training. Any desired high or ecstatic feeling that can be achieved with drugs can now be achieved naturally.

You will learn simple mind altering and mind expanding exercises. Meditative directed self hypnotic exercises together with NLP triggers and breathing exercises will make you a master of mind states by the end of the week. Your mind is yours to control when you know how. You control your mind or it controls you.

Tom Ryan from Ireland is the founder of Total Mind Dynamics and together with Leina Mestrovic from Zagreb have been resolving people’s problems and states of mind all over Europe for decades.

Tom Ryan, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and Hypnotherapy trainer, will present “Achieve Natural Ecstatic Mind Highs” as an exciting way to master your states of mind. He offers you a fun filled seminar containing amazing easy to master techniques to create amazing states of mind based on his broad experience of more than 40.000 hours of clinical work and hundreds of seminars and workshops. His mind altering and mind expanding techniques are totally unique. They enable people to experience and explore states rarely experienced without the assistance of mind altering drugs. This is a wonderful way of eliminating pain, anxiety depression and other unwanted states as well as discovering inner highs, inner joy and harmony.

Leina Meštrovićis a Certified Psychotherapist with a communications, management and social work background. Her extensive experience in client transformation will introduce you to The Magic Agility of Your Mind and its ability to achieve amazing states.  During her most recent working experience in the EU Institutions she ran seminars presenting empowering ideas to her colleagues (how to develop strong peer and angel support strategies; how to self manage crisis & transitions) using the best collaborative and knowledge management practices. Together with Tom she developed this amazing seminar for Harmony 2017.