Urban Urbanc – How to Walk Your Talk in Spirituality

Urban Urbanc (Slovenia) – How to Walk Your Talk in Spirituality

 – Be your own guru – 

Nowadays more and more people are getting lost in spirituality because they are not aware that it is the path within.

Instead, people are seeking outside themselves what is laying within. And they are often not aware that outside only leads them further away from their true essence.

Society is trying to convience us that happiness, success, love, health and joy is something that comes from the outside. And a lot of people are prepared to do anything (and pay a lot of money) to improve their love / health / financial situation immediately. And since they still stay empty despite the promises, they feel more and more dissapointed with themselves. By doing that they keep drifting, how ironically, even further away from themselves.

Workshops, lectures and spiritual books can be a great tool to advance in a spiritual growth but if we don’t WALK our TALK, then we keep adding lots of unnecessary burden that it is hard to carry.

People don’t need much for a happy life and spiritual growth and there is no need to add a lot of new things – but it is necessary to remove many.
And to get rid of all unnecessary beliefs and paradigms that no longer serves us – they only stop us on our journey.

Everyone should step on the path of spirituality if they want to live a happy and joyfull life.

And that is the path within.

”The world around us is a reflection of what is happening within”

About Urban

Urban Urbanc is an international author, nutrition, health and wellness expert and relationships coach. He is an athlete, a professor of Sports Science and Sports Psychology.

His courses guide you thru the process of developing self-love and harmony within yourself to help you manifest your optimal love relationship and optimal life.

He has authored The Being of Light, a book about unconditional love, relationships and the possibility of creating a life of fulfillment, inner peace, and higher understanding of love in deeply spiritual love partnerships.

​Urban leads an international consulting practiceinternational retreatsand online individual mentorship courses for all who have a desire to heal their heart and experience the highest form of unconditional love.