Vedran Petrak – Sound bath

IMG_0356 (2)“What makes us feel drawn to music is that our whole being is music:
Our mind and body, the nature in which we live, the nature which has made us, all that is beneath and around us, it is all music.”

Hazrat Inyat Khan

(Sufi Master) (1882-1927)

There are four main areas of our system where sound and music have been proven to be effective: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Of course, often these overlap – for example, emotional healing might cause physical symptoms to go away.

1. Physically – Based on physics, sound affects matter. At the most basic level sound transmits energy into whatever it comes into contact with. The law of resonance, where a strong vibration will cause a weaker vibration to vibrate at the same frequency, is the core concept of all sound healing. This accounts for how sound can relax a muscle, how it can help to heal an organ or nerve, and how it might even transform a disease such as cancer. On seminar, we will not only learn how physical healing occurs, but also explain many techniques on how to do so safely and effectively.

2. Emotionally – Many in the wide field of healing believe that stuck emotions account for, and are at the root of most of the issues and diseases we manifest, with some saying stuck emotions cause as much as 50% of all diseases (environmental causes being another large part). We already know how powerful music can be to transform our emotions. We have now discovered how to use sound to release stuck emotions. During seminar we will explore simple techniques on how to release stuck emotions – many that you can do in the car, when in the thick of an emotion, or in a sound healing setting.

3. Mentally – There has been extensive research clearly proving that when we listen to frequencies within the range of a brainwave (beta, alpha, theta and delta) our brain will be entrained into that frequency within a few minutes. “Binaural beats” are frequencies that we can create within the frequency range of the brain.Therefore, we can easily use binaural beats to entrain our brain into states that help with things like ADD, ADHD, post traumatic stress, learning disabilities, sleep disorders, including enhancing mental clarity, memory, and creativity. When we listen on headphones these frequencies also synchronize the left and right brain, which is our optimal state. Now there is research showing how to use these binaural beat frequencies to lead us into states of deep meditation, and higher emotions of love and joy. You will learn how to create these binaural beats and how to use a wide range of resources currently on the market. You will also be able to buy your own himalayan singing bowls and learn to use them for this purpose.

4. Spiritually – Spiritual healing can mean a lot of things. In the classes we start by using sound to clear emotional and physical blockages. We then focus on raising your consciousness and vibration by using sound to resonate you into higher emotions such as gratitude, compassion, love and joy. Some say that higher consciousness is simply being in the frequency of these higher emotions. Sound can also be used as an avenue to connect us to the higher energies of Universal Love, or Spirit and Source. Even if you already know how to open your own connection to Spirit, the right sounds and music can enhance that connection and make it even stronger.

On a much deeper and far more esoteric level, sound can be used to connect us more directly to our Soul. Many believe that when we listen to the sound of our Soul (instead of our ego and personality) and develop a direct connection to it, we receive guidance on how to live our lives more fully.

Throughout the seminar we will explore and provide techniques on how frequencies, timbres, musical intervals, music and rhythm can be used to create positive changes in us, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Seminar will be translated in croatian, slovenian and english if needed and anybody can participate regardless of previous knowledge or age. Also there will be oportunity to buy himalayan singing bowls and records for use in sound healing.

Gong Master Vedran Petrak from Croatia begun his musical journey with 14 years of age, at wich he became student and later assistent of world renowned Kundalini Gong Master Don Conreux (NY, USA). He is assisting in and leading sound meditations in Croatia and Slovenia since 2004, later also in Austria, Serbia, and Greece. Now he organizes sond meditations in Zagreb and creates musical space in band Tribal Jam Orchestra.

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