Venus Renata – The best version of me

renata venusThe best version of me. In this workshop we set the intention to manifest the best version of ourselves in all the aspects of our being. We begin with a ceremony in the Labirinth where we become aware of everything that prevents us in accomplishing this and transform it in a fire ritual. We learn powerful manifestation techniques using the light codes from the 15 dimensions of existence given by the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood and establish a permanent contact with our Higher Self. We’ll find out how to allow that part of us to lead us through life and how to get a clear answer any time to any question. Advanced breathing techniques received by the facilitator through divine download are of great help for a quick daily regeneration in any situation. Through intuitively guided dances and singing of sacred and inspirational songs in complete surrender we merge with the divine in us.

We have fun playing and joking around with our shortcomings and celebrate and express our divine qualities in the transformational theater process Venus has created 25 years ago in her workshops in Hawaii. A combination of yoga and stretching exercises for flexibility of the spine will greatly liven up our bodies in just 15 minutes, so that we can physically manifest the reality we want. Emotional release exercises in the sea and acquaerobic for which Venus is a certified instructor as well as the original movements of Latin dances will give our bathing together a new dimension. We complete it all with advices for healthy nutrition, rejuvenation and permanent contact with the Earth and the source of life within us from which we can express all our creativity and fulfill our mission. The workshop will culminate with a trip to the island where we celebrate a new beginning and the manifestation of living life fully from our Higher Self and allowing to receive our conscious creation. Here we obtain the tools we can use in order to continue manifesting the best version of ourselves through all the dimensions of existence.
Venus Renata is an internationally trained public speaker, workshop leader, consultant and healer with over 25 years of experience. She is an author, composer, singer and charismatic performer who recorded in 24 languages as well as a multi-faceted musician, acclaimed dancer and choreographer, painter and multi-media artist. Venus is a prof. of Comparative Literature and Philosophy and has done graduate studies at Columbia University in New York City in Film Directing, Acting and Screenwriting and also in an interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Creative Arts. Her transformational theater method draws upon the Ancient Mystery Schools practices in which the purpose of theater was to bring us in touch with our own Divinity. Venus’s workshops offer various practical tools that make it possible for us to express the fullness of who we are.
Due to her intuitive gifts she has been sought after as a consultant by businesses, investment bankers and individuals while her organizational capacities have landed her international executive positions. For more than a decade Venus is on call for simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for international VIP’s as well as translating. In addition to various healing certifications, she is an instructor of yoga, aqua aerobics and body-building for women. Her life was greatly enriched by travelling to many sacred sites, living on 3 continents and within diverse cultures. Venus’s mission is to bridge artificially separated disciplines and fields of endeavor and to inspire others to develop and express all of their potentials. She is here to activate and embody the awareness that we are the individuations of Source. That is why she created her “I AM Source Activations” system. She is one of the Founding Members of the Planetary Council.

Venus will offer the following additional group sessions available for anyone in the camp as well as anyone wishing to receive it long distance like their family or friends.

AURIC CLEARING SESSION – In this session we completely clear the entire morphogenetic field – all 15 dimensions of existence of any attachments and unintended creations, release soul fragments of others and reclaim our own, liberate ourselves of any possible entities including discarnate ones and close any wormholes and portals in our aura. We do not analyze or judge the condition of our client’s aura, just simply and effectively clear any occupants that compromise the integrity of their field and complete it with their own Higher Self download in order to fill this new space with its divinely intended inhabitant that is now able to be present.

KARMIC CLEARING SESSION – In this session we clear various karmic imprints and patterns keeping us bound to repeat them over and over again, release various limiting beliefs, unconscious programming, negative genetic programming from our ancestral lineage, universal and individual allegiances, oaths, vows, contracts, alignments that are keeping us in any kind of bondage position, release any discordant programs and personas we find ourselves acting up

UNNATURAL SEALS REMOVAL SESSION – In this session we remove 7 unnatural death seals or Jehovian seals that have been put on anyone who was ever born on this planet. We share it with the Earth itself as they have been put on its 7th axiatonal lines and they correspond to various locations on the left side of human body. These seals are deliberately put in order to prevent our ascension and ascension of the planet. In addition to these seals we also clear Crown of thorns energy configuration located above our head that scrambles the energy we receive directly from Source. Also, we clear other historically placed seals such as Metatronic implants, Templar seals, Templar-Axion seals and Zeta seals that are placed on our 4th strand preventing us to open our hearts completely. Finally, in this very comprehensive session we clear death cell programs responsible for deterioration of cells and creation of various diseases and therefore are able to restore our original immortality blueprint & cell rejuvenation.

DNA MASTERS ACTIVATION- In this session divided in 3 increments we activate the entire Angelic human DNA template that consists of 12 strands. At the beginning of the session we remove all the blockages in DNA first. Most of humans have only 2 strands active and this is a main reason why majority of population uses only extremely small percentage of their brain and is not actualizing fully their potential. It is advisable to first complete all previous sessions.

GOLDEN DNA ACTIVATION – The highest available healing energy on the planet! This is a complete reset and upgrade of our entire operating system downloaded directly from the Golden Realms of the Absolute Harmonic Universe. It is a parallel Universe to ours where no distortions, viruses or discordant energies exist. In these 3 sessions we activate 144 000 Golden DNA strands that hold the keys for passing through the Ascension portals and enable us to be the frequency holders of the Earth. Through this process we can rapidly accrete enormous amounts of light in our field, express our divine gifts, embody our Higher Self and fulfill our mission.

CLEARING OF ANALOGICAL EXPERIENCES- If at any time anyone can push our buttons and we have an emotional reaction, our life is giving us a clue that we need to clear the trauma which is an analogical experience that is a root cause of it and thus instantly change our reality. This session is the most effective way to see the immediate permanent shifts in our everyday lives as we will witness ourselves changing our behavior as well as others towards us promptly.

ECSTATIC BREATHING – Venus has extensive experience in teaching and practicing various methods of Tantra. This particular breathing originating from Cherokee Native American tradition has proven to the most powerful and at the same time easy technique that can be practiced just as a breathing exercise by ourselves in order to reach the states of ecstasy or it can be synchronized together with a partner during lovemaking. It has the capacity to bring us to the state of lasting Cosmic orgasm just by breathing alone by ourselves without doing anything else! Breathing is somewhat different for men and women and in the session you will learn both ways, so that you can understand the dynamics and are able to share.

Besides, she offers private sessions I AM SOURCE ACTIVATIONS POWER SESSIONS.
In this special extended session Venus will connect to your Higher Self and read your energetic signature with the help of Great White Brotherhood in order to determine the highest priority clearings and techniques required for the most accelerated progress. She will determine your unique energy prescription and utilize besides the above techniques her own unique method that activates your own Divine presence and the awareness that you are individuation of Source enabling your conscious creation.