Viktoria Grgurin – Yoga Fusion / Yoga Rhythms

Viktoria Grgurin – Yoga Fusion / Yoga Rhythms

viktoria03YogaFusion/YogaRhythms is a combination of Yoga, Acro- or Partner Yoga and Rhythm Dance, as well as Aqua Yoga, if nature and the sea allow.

Yoga helps us to connect with our very core, awaken our power from within and strengthen our fundament. By practicing Acro- or Partner Yoga, we explore the world together in a playful way and see the world from other perspectives, taking it a little upside down. With Rhythm Dance we experience our very unique, individual, free movements and intuitive dance.

My Yoga style is based on Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga and inspired by a wide range of Yoga and movement practices. The Yoga classes are flowing sequences and involve a constant exchange between effort and surrender, strengthening and stretching. This mobilises and activates our entire body, soul and mind.

Acro- or Partner Yoga combines elements of Yoga, Acrobatics and Thai Massage for great benefits to the body, mind and soul. Once you have experienced flying, you will want to take off again and again. This kind of practice awakens the child within and the curiosity to learn something new. We experience joy, trust and connection as well as a feeling of team spirit and community.

Rhythm Dance is a dynamic movement practice – your opportunity for being in your body, exploring it, discovering yourself and freeing yourself from any limitations. We leave isolation behind to embrace creativity, expression, intuition and finally connection and community. Different rhythms support our individual expression of emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, joy and compassion. Movement is medicine, meditation and self-healing.

If nature and the sea allow, we take our Yoga practice off the mat to Aqua Yoga and add the element of water. This enables us to experience our bodies in relation to this element. Water has cleaning, refreshing qualities; it carries us and renews all life.

YogaFusion/YogaRhythms is about your individual wellbeing and quality time: time to be, to feel, to reconnect, to relax, to move and to be moved. Everything that feels good is welcome. Everything can happen, but nothing has to happen. Experience the pure joy of being.

Additional offers:

➢ Nuad (Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage)

➢ Aerial Yoga (Yoga with a silk)

➢ SUP Yoga (Yoga on a Stand Up Paddle Board)


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