Wioletta Glyzewska and Ewa Zudro (Poland) – Kundalini Yoga – the Source of Youth

28th August – 4th September

Wioletta Glyzewska i Ewa Zudro (Poljska) – Kundalini Yoga – the Source of Youth

Wake up and enjoy your new young body and mind. Role of spine in Kundalini Yoga.

“You are only as young as your spine is flexible.” – Yogi Bhajan

In the Kundalini yoga tradition, tremendous emphasis is placed upon the spine. The practice involves the conscious awareness and control of kundalini energy (sometimes referred to as prana, chi or life force energy), which tends to become stagnant and coiled around the base of the spine. The goal of the kundalini practice (and, in fact, all forms of yoga) is to uncoil/activate this life force energy, open up the spinal column (also known as the Sushumna channel) and move this powerful energy up the spine, through each of the chakras (energy centers) and, ultimately, throughout the body. In doing so, complete physical, mental and spiritual balance can be achieved.