Wioletta Glyzewska and Ewa Zudro – Kundalini Yoga – feel the flow through your mental, physical and spiritual body

Wioletta Glyzewska and Ewa Zudro – Kundalini Yoga – Feel the Flow through your Mental, Physical and Spiritual Bodies

It is believed, that Kundalini Yoga and it’s specific meditations were developed over 50,000 years ago by rishis in India and Tibet, who systematically tested and perfected the precise movements, postures, sounds and breathing techniques that activate different parts of the body and brain to acheive specific results.

We practice Kundalini Yoga to access and utilize our creative power for elevation of consciousness, healing and other purposes. This power, (shakti), is thought to be laying in deep sleep in the lowest part of the spine, and is often pictured as a coiled sleeping serpent, (kundalini means coiled). When it is awakened, either spontaneously or by yogic techniques, and arises to unite with the Universal Energy (prana), it empowers the

Individual with awareness which is beyond ordinary perception and powers (siddhis) that is beyond ordinary ability.

Practicing the Kundalini Yoga is like setting off for a spiritual journey inside you. During that journey you will learn about yourself, discover your body, the nature of your mind and the ability to express yourself. You will be able to open yourself to experiencing pure bliss. The Kundalini journey enables to find the acceptance and love to yourself. Every woman may uncover her Goddess Nature, become confident and fulfilled. Experience Kundalini Yoga and start a journey to Oneness. Oneness without the illusion of separation. Oneness without the soul’s longings. Oneness with connection to everything that is. Our meetings will consist of exercises or postures (Asanas) combined with special breathing techniques (Pranayama), hand and finger gestures (Mudras), body locks (Bhandas), chanting (Mantras) and Meditation. All done together, or in sequence to create exact, specific effects.

While practicing together, we will concentrate on several energetical aspects of practicing Kundalini Yoga. We will try to put a light on pranas circulation aspects and chakras functions within human body. Everything we will talk about we will also try to experience from the energetical anatomy’s point of view as it is understand by ”10 bodies” conception.

During our workshop we are inviting you to join the journey within yourself using technology of Kundalini Yoga as brought in 1969 to the West by Yogi Bhajan.