Željko Sobotka – Picking and using medicinal plants

12th June – 19th June

Željko Sobotka (Croatia) – Picking and using medicinal plants

The Seminar will consist of practical (educational sightseeing tours with picking herbs and learning about medicinal plants) plus the theoretical part. We’ll introduce you to how to use the medicinal herbs like teas, tinctures, creams, massage oils. We will share the knowledge of when and how to use the plant. Also, during the workshop of eco-biotic diet, we will be learning about how to lose weight by proper usage and combination of plant-based foods. The seminar is easy, instructive, and the participants will come up with new concepts that are applicable in everyday life through company with others in seminars.

Željko Sobotka is founder and leader of “Medicinal Plants” in Zagreb and for many years he has been engaged in the transfer of knowledge and love of medicinal herbs.